Patty Jane

Patty Jane

a.k.a PJ Sparkles

I need some help y’all…how do I explain to the little girl child that her Princess Elsa band aid is not gonna fix my boo boo. My boo boo needs a tad bit more doctoring than a well meaning kiddo can provide, although I appreciate her effort. I was rescued from the City of San Antonio shelter with an injury which has rendered my back legs useless…more about that later, but first I do wanna tell you why I am the BEST!
My shelter name was Patty Jane, but my Foster Folks call me PJ Sparkles and you don’t get Sparkles as a third name unless you fit the bill. I have a razzle dazzle sparkly personality equal to Katy Perry. You can practically hear Firework playing when I walk…or I should say roll into the room.
You can call me PJ, because I am the cat’s pajamas when it comes to dogs. Why do you suppose they use cat’s pajamas to mean THE BEST? I think it should be dog’s pajamas, hence forth. I am a female 60 pound 4-5 year old adult mixed breed doggie likely some Lab thrown in there amongst a few other breeds, one of which gave me the copper red color of a penny.
I haven’t met any cats yet, but there are dogs at my Foster Folks home and I get along with them just fine after I was slowly introduced and we even play in the backyard. Since I do have a big boo boo going on, I do prefer smaller dogs or big dogs with relaxed personalities. As afurmentioned there is a human kiddo in my foster home and I enjoy hanging with her. I also love the blankies she provides and the chin rubs.
But I better get back to the elephant in the room, another human phrase I do not get, there are not actually any elephants here, I am refurring to my broken back and useless back legs. Right now it would be impawsible to potty train me as I am incontinent due to my injury but with physical therapy and time, I may regain control of my bidness. I am crate trained, but do have potty “accidents” in there, due to my injury, so be prepared for some laundry.
I am happy and would be wagging my entire hiney if I could to show my appreciation for being rescued out of the shelter. I am learning to adjust to life without use of my back legs and honestly, before the pound got me, I was doing pretty good draggin myself around. However, the rescue has gotten me a wheelie chair. It felt odd at first having this contraption attached to me, but the wheelie chair along with physical therapy could pawtentially allow me to walk and potty unassisted someday, so I am going to practice it hard! I have a long road to go, but I would love the oppawtunity to show you how I sparkle.
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