Jelli Belli GC

Jelli Belli GC

Hi ladies and gents, my name is Jelli Belli and I am the color of 24 carrot gold…speaking of carrots that reminds me of bunnies and bunnies reminds me I need to tell you I had my 9 week birthday on Easter Sunday. I am a boy puppy and a Chihuahua mix, more like a deer Chi than an apple Chi.

I was born near the seaside in the Corpus Christi, Texas, and moved to San Antonio, Texas, to a Foster Mommy house. It was easy to move, we fit anywhere. We are small puppies, and range from 3-5 pounds now, it is thought we will be 12 pounds or less if that when fully grown.
We are normal puppers, described as very active, friendly and people loving. I also love big dogs and a small dog named Lena who pretended to be our Mommy since we didn’t have a real fur Mommy. Good job Lena! Did I mention I am a boy and I need a home? Can you adopt me?
I bet you can! Just go to and fill out the adoption application!

For information on how to adopt, please contact

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