Hush Puppy

Hush Puppy

An adult panda can spend up to 12 hours a day eating, and in order to fulfill their dietary needs, they need to eat at least 28 pounds of bamboo. What does that got to do with the price of eggs? Nothing, I am just totally jelly of pandas and how much they get to eat. Not fair! Also, what does the price of eggs have to do with the price of eggs and why do humans say that? Marinate on that for a bit.

My panda story did have slight relevance to my bio. I am a Border Collie mix and have some like blackish fur mixed with some white, very panda-ey. I came from a horrible situation in North Texas where I was injured and my leg got all yicky icky infected and no one was helping me and I had no way to find a vet and no money and no home and….it was just a yucky blurrrr.

But a God’s Dogs Rescue volunteer saw my photo and sob story on the internets and decided to get me transported to San Antonio to the good vets at the Hospital. I thought things would go up from there, but then *SHOCKER* *GASP* they told me my leg was going to be amputated…that means “cut off” in people words. But wait there is more…..

My leg was so infected they first had to give me antibiotics before my scheduled Leg Chop Off Day. When the vet went in to start the amputation it was discovered there was a bone fragment lodged in the space that was causing all the pain and disfigurement. SO ALL THE VET HAD TO DO WAS remove that naughty fragment and guess what, I KEPT MY WhOLE LEG. I still have 4 paws.

I am dramatically improving now and on the road to recovery which is much better than just being “on the road”. I am approximating my age to be just 7-10 months, I am medium like a Border Collie. I am a boy doggie. I have the cutest fuzzy puffs of hair and I LOVE to play with dogs now that my leg isn’t all crazy and stuff.

I am learning potty training and how to use a doggy door. I don’t eVER want to be in a pawsition to suffer on the streets again, so if you adopt me you have to pinky pawmise spit palm swear on a stack of bibles that you will never dump me. Never. Okay?

Please go to to fill out an application for him!

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