Cowboy Cruz

Cowboy Cruz

Howdy there, Ah am Cowboy Curtis Cruz. Most folk just call me Cruz. I was cruzin’ the streets and wound up behind bars, but this lady ( Ah think her name is ‘I can foster’) came and said– let me help this feller out. He was probably raised in a barn and don’t know good manners, but his face is like a happy emoticon.

It took a few weeks for me to realize they there are rules you gotta follow. And Ah am a young feller, smart and strong, at about 1 year old and 50 lbs. Ah wanna rule my own life. But Ah am learning all the time. Ah ate on the street, But, ya kno, this here grub is really tasty, and them things called treats– well, they are tastier than the French fries nabbed on the street. And Ah am beginnin’ ta see that follerin rules ain’t all bad. Ah do have a LOT of friendly energy because Ah am fairly young. I need a family with big kids who will take me places and play with me, and maybe a bigger doggie ‘brothah’ oohr ‘sistah’.

Ah do have somethin called Heartworms, but Ah am bein’ treated and should be all ‘cleah’ soon. As Ah said Ah love this new life and Ah bark to greet you, and bark with weird noises, but Ah don’t bark just to chat. Ah love investigatin , sniffing everythang, both inside and out, and sometimes stuff on the ledge is a no-no (foster said counter– but Ah can’t count). If you catch me snufflin the ledge table counter, Ah’ll stop, but like Ah said, I’m just a young cowboy and Ah AM learnen’ tha rules.

I love water bowls, an sometimes I try to dig them a little deeper to hold more, but it don’t work. Foster laughs and laughs, then grabs a towel. Ah don’t know where all that water comes from while Ah dig, but it just shows up. Ah love to give deep pressure and Ah love nip your arm or leg with the best of love Ah have got!! Ah might even lick your face, but bein’ clumsy, Foster gets a tooth slammed into her face or chest. Ah just love you with my whole heart when I love her so much– Ah hold nuthin back!! When you Play tug o war with me, and Ah think Ah am in heaven!!

Please, Ah hope my furrever home has some room, maybe a BIG yard that Ah can run till Ah stop. Think of me as you watch folk walk. Lots uf them walk just like me. Then search your heart and home. Ah need just a little refinement, and Ah will be the talk of the agility competition, or the jogging trail, or the dog park, or the regular park… just take me, with a bunch o them treats, and Ah will remember quick. Ah am young, ya kno

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