I am thinking we can just skip the small talk and get right to the tall tails. Speaking of tails, I have some hair missing from mine…have you seen it? We’ve been searching for weeks, but Foster Mommy thinks the missing fur on my back end is never coming back…98% of my hair has come back and it is as silky enough to audition for a Finesse commercial. I want my personality to take the spotlight, but my shiney coat is stealing it.

I often bork and chat with Foster Mommy, I wonder if she understands canine or if she is just smiling back to puptronize me? I have been told my smile is contagious…spreading smiles like the rats spread the plague…sawry that was a gross metafur, but life isn’t all rainbows and giggles, my life used to be that of a peasant and my main chore was making babies. I didn’t get paid for it, not even with attention. I was then surrendered to the shelter at 9 years old when my baby making parts had dried up.

My flea allergies and boobie tumors have been eradicated and I have gained weight to be 54 pounds. Now I sleep on soft beds with at least one blanket covering me for warmth. On occasion, when it is brisk out, I enjoy to wear a sweater. I love my sweater and I would never think of chewing on it. Stuffy toys are for chewing, I have destroyed 572 million stuffies. I do not apawlogize.

I am good with other dogs, but do best with dogs that are smaller than me. I am cat friendly and learned a game from them called Chase The Light, it is litterally deLIGHTful. To think, cats invented such fun. Furthermore, I am house and crate trained.

You can take me out on the town. Foster Mommy took me to wine 101 and I didn’t even whine for food. I sat right up on the bench like a people would sit at dinner. Other customers commented “ohhh, what a good well behavey gurl”. I was and I only took food that was offered to me. If you adopt me, you have my word that I will be your most loyal servant, serving up smiles and wags for years to come.

GOD’S DOGS Rescue, in San Antonio TX, does not have a shelter – ALL of our dogs are raised in foster homes in the San Antonio area. Each dog comes spayed or neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations that are appropriate for their age, microchipped, heart worm tested and on current on monthly flea/tick and heart worm preventative.

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