Blessed VE

Blessed VE

What kind of cat will keep your grass short? A Lawn Meower. Get it? Okay, if you get that can you puhlease explain it to me, the human jokes I do not understand yet, because I am just 7 weeks old. I am a female Retriever/Hound mix and one of 7 dwarves…or puppies I should say.
My name is Blessed and I want to bless your home with my presents…I mean presence. Human words! Please adopt me, whatever that means, I think it means we do cuddles for 12-15 years! I came from a house with LOTS of doggies and a good man was trying to keep us safe, but he needed help finding us homes, so now you can help too, by giving me a home.

To adopt me, fill out the adoption application at

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