Just call me Jack Tripper, because I had kind of a Three’s Company thing going on. I was living with 2 very cute girls. The only difference was instead of an apartment we were sharing a one room blue pipe drainage ditch. And also there was no Meester Furley, actually there was no one at all. But me, Cricket Mouse and Muffin were all saved by God’s Dogs Rescue. We were all in less than snazzy shape, but these rescue ladies fattened up right up.

My name is not Jack Tripper though, that was just a good set up for my bio. My real name is Blaze, because I am a spitball of fire. Don’t mind these marks on my face, the rescue lady assured me that my skin will heal and my hair will begin to cover most of the gaps up. I already look 300% better than when I lived in the ditch. My two girlfriends already got adopted, so I sure hope I get scooped up too.

I am a VERY (all caps for emfursis) smart and active 4 month old black Lab mix. I might grow to be 50-60 pounds. I am good with other dogs and like to be in charge. I would like another home with a young dog that likes to play. The rescue ladies also say I have the fierce heart of a lion and will make a great protector and companion to any family, because I took good care of my two girlfriends when we lived in the dirt. If I can make it in the dirt, I can make it anywhere.

Our dogs are socialized, and we try to provide you a good understanding of the dog’s personality. Please contact us at for more information about adopting one of our dogs and puppies or fill out an adoption application at

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